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Crossing Rubicon – ‘Perfect Storm’

Frontiers Records
Hardline, Journey, Mr. Mister, Winger, The Babys, Honeymoon Suite
Release Date
July 8, 2022
Frontiers Records
Melodic Rock

In melodic rock circles, two names should be very familiar Cenk Eroglu known for his work with Winger and Xcernation and John Bisaha from The Babys. Under the Frontiers Records banner, these titans of melodic rock have come together to form Crossing Rubicon, their latest project which has the band releasing its debut album ‘Perfect Storm’.

                Those already comfortable with Eroglu and Bisaha will know what they are in for with Crossing Rubicon because ‘Perfect Storm’ is an excellent blending of their talents. Furthermore, melodic rock fans will get excited at this prospect because joining Eroglu and Bisaha will be Pat Mastelotto of Mr. Mister fame and Ray Coburn of Honeymoon Suite alongside members of Bisaha and Eroglu’s obviously very talented musical families. All this naturally combines together to form a great album which that real classic melodic rock vibe from a bygone era, mixed with the high-class sensibilities of the melodic rock in the modern era as tracks such as ‘100 Thousand Years’, ‘Scar’ and the title track have all the appeal of Hardline, Journey and Nordic Union.

                 For anyone who may have lost touch with melodic rock over the last 30 years or so, ‘Perfect Storm’ is a rallying cry and a call to arms to fans of the genre worldwide. Those who still have their finger on the pulse will find an album of really enjoyable rock, professionally delivered by a band who have a veteran expertise, passion and integrity under their belt.

"a call to arms to fans of the genre worldwide"

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