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Cleanbreak – ‘Coming Home’

Frontiers Records
Riot V, Riot, Quiet Riot, Dokken, Fifth Angel, Lynch Mob
Release Date
July 8, 2022
Frontiers Records
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

Frontiers Records is no stranger to ‘supergroups’. The record label is not afraid to put musicians together, often hand-picked for the job when their resume suits the need of the greater good. Frontiers Records already scored a hit with fans of hard rock/heavy metal with Skills earlier in the year and now, they’ve unleashed Cleanbreak upon the world with ‘Coming Home’, their debut album of classic sounding hard rock/heavy metal.

                Formed by James Durbin, known for his sensational performances on American Idol as well as fronting Quiet Riot and coupled with Mike Flyntz of Riot V fame alongside the rhythm section from Stryper Perry Richardson on bass and Robert Sweet on drums, ‘Coming Home’ is an album which kicks itself off to a flying start. This is a mix of hard rock/heavy metal from the genres glory days, it is pure unadulterated 80’s fist pumping delivered through a production that keeps the whole thing very modern and cutting edge. The musicianship here is never called into question and Durbin’s voice stands tall throughout as tracks such as ‘Man of Older Souls’, ‘Dream Forever’ and the superb ‘We Are Warriors’ have all the enjoyability of Quiet Riot and Fifth Angel as well as Riot and even Dio at times. Furthermore, Durbin shows that he can engage with full on emotion as he delivers a superb performance during ‘The Pain of Goodbye’.

                For a debut album, Cleanbreak are off to a flying start. This could be the sound of a band really going somewhere and hopefully it won’t be too long before Cleanbreak follow this up providing commitments from other bands don’t get in the way. But if you’re looking for a great album of heavy metal/hard rock, then ‘Coming Home’ is a good shout.  

"Cleanbreak are off to a flying start"

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