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Corvus Corax – ‘Era Metallum’

Behßmokum Records
Feuerschwanz, Korpiklaani, Schattentantz, Folkstone, Nachtgeschrei
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Behßmokum Records

Take any weekend in Germany and head out into the countryside and it won’t be long until you find a renaissance faire where the air will be filled with the crackling of pig fat, sweet treats and medieval folk music. Not a Blackmore’s Night in sight. This year has medieval folk legends Corvus Corax joining forces with Kreator guitarist Sami Yli-Sirniö to amp up tracks from their back catalogue with their latest album ‘Era Metallum’.

                As expected, ‘Era Metallum’ kicks things off with a bang because one thing which can be said about folk music is that it lends itself very well to be electrified and because of this, ‘Era Metallum’ showcases this back catalogue of work in style as tracks like ‘Béowulf is mín nama’, ‘Ragnarök’ and ‘Hugin & Munin’ are given huge new leases of life. However, ‘Era Metallum’ is a long album, the whole thing clocks in at nearly one hour forty-five and is therefore a big commitment of time to sit there to full take in and appreciate every note but it is guaranteed that those who adore this genre will revel in every bit of it.

For fans of folk/metal, there are plenty of dynamics and nuances to assess here and just when you think you’ve heard it all, there’s more to digest. In essence, ‘Era Metallum’ is a beautifully arranged piece of folk/metal, and it massively opens up the opportunity for Corvus Corax to gain a whole new legion of fans.

"opens up the opportunity for Corvus Corax to gain a whole new legion of fans"

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