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All Things Fallen – ‘Shadow Way’

Blackoak Records
Darkwater, Deadsoul Tribe, Evergrey, Pain of Salvation, Harmony, Kamelot
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Blackoak Records
Progressive Metal

                Pain of Salvation are one progressive metal’s most revered bands, so naturally when Léo Margarit joined forces with Markus Sigfridsson of Darkwater and Harmony to create All Things Fallen (ATF) in 2015, it made the birds twitch of every prog metal fan out there. This year has ATF following up their excellent 2019 self-titled debut album with their latest offering ‘Shadow Way’.

                As expected, ‘Shadow Way’ is another colossal offering from the Swedes, from its very start the listener knows that they are going to be in for some beautifully produced music, and it does not disappoint. Delivered through a production which drags the listener in, it is fully engaging throughout as tracks such as ‘Kiss of Death’, ‘Desert of the Real’ and ‘Pandemonium’ show a band stretching and becoming much more comfortable with who they are. Furthermore, anyone expecting this to sound like some Pain of Salvation/Darkwater/Harmony clone will be massively surprised as ‘Shadow Way’ delivers excellent songs which are relatively short by prog metal standards, but in no way less monstrous and uniquely ATF.

                This may be the sort of prog metal which disappears under the radar, but if you’re the sort of person who likes this genre with accessible tracks not obsessed with sounding overcomplex and providing something you can sing along to then ‘Shadow Way’ is the way to go.

"Nine tracks of accessible prog metal"

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