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The Black Goo – ‘The Black Goo’

Independent Release
Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium, Austrian Death Machine, Sylosis, As I Lay Dying
Release Date
Independent Release
Thrash Metal/Metalcore

                Goo is best avoided at the best of times: “eew… goo, I ain’t touching that”, whatever the colour of said goo, it often opens more questions than answers. Now, The Black Goo, that’s something else entirely and this year has the German band releasing their eponymously titled debut album.

                From its very start, ‘The Black Goo’ begins to ominously drip through the speakers like something from a B horror movie before the tension is broken by a thrashing array of guitars and drums. This is a band which not afraid to show the listener exactly what they are capable of. Superficially, ‘The Black Goo’ is very much a thrash metal album but dig beneath the surface and what the listener will find are a lot of metalcore undertones. Shock horror! However, this isn’t your vest wearing, stretched ears and baseball cap adorned band who go on endlessly about ‘the breakdown’; no, The Black Goo take those metalcore undercurrents of colossal, seamless rhythmic tempo changes and cram it into the thrash metal mould to make something that is actually quite good.

                ‘The Black Goo’ is a decent release, it is definitely an album which grows in endearment with each listen, and it will be interesting to see where The Black Goo go from here.

"an album which grows in endearment with each listen"

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