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Into the Valley of Death – ‘Ruthless’ EP

Independent Release
Lords of Altamont, Kyuss, Red Fang. Fu Manchu, Blue Cheer, Grand Funk Railroad
Release Date
Independent Release
Stoner/Doom Metal

“on a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair”. Thankfully, this isn’t ‘Hotel California’, but we are driving off into the deserts of California with a big joint in one hand, Hunter S. Thompson as our co-pilot and the radio up full blast because Into the Valley of Death (ItVoD) are back with ‘Ruthless’, their second EP in two years.

                With ‘Ruthless’, ItVoD continue to show that they have that warm desert sound down to a tee as they mix lo-fi desert riffage with the doom power and enough psychedelic twinges to mindfuck the listener. Clocking in at just under 25 minutes, ‘Ruthless’ is relatively long by EP standards, but it doesn’t half do the job, these seven tracks refuse to outstay their welcome, getting in and out with as much distorted bass as they can offer. Therefore, ‘Ruthless’ is a real speaker bouncer, these basslines rattle the bones as ItVoD take a Blue Cheer and Grand Funk Railroad bluepint, mix it up with Lords of Altamont, Kyuss and Red Fang as Spencer Robinson delivers a vocal performance that Eric Bloom would have been proud of on those early Blue Öyster Cult albums.

                What ItVoD have shown here is that they can continue to deliver top-drawer stoner/doom that is thoroughly enjoyable. It will be interesting to see whether the band can achieve this over a full-length studio album, but as for now, kick back and enjoy this instead.

"top-drawer stoner/doom"

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