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The international hard rock band SERPENTS IN PARADISE will release the debut LP “Temptation” on July 8 via MDD Records. We had a chance to have a quick chat with the band.

Your new album, ‘Temptation’, has a hard rock, blue grit feel. What’s your guilty pleasure ?

Mh I would say, loud guitars and grooving drums. I prefer a full stack tube amp instead of
all these digital amps today – it’s too sterile. And I like the old-school hard rock attitude. The
sweat and the passion, the emotions. It has to be real otherwise you won’t make it.

You have a polished sound of both nostalgia and modernity. How do you achieve this? Do you practice constantly or feel your way through it as you go along?

We are in 2022 and we wanted to sound the album not like 1984. Of course our music will
be compared to the eighties and I like that. Our influences are back there but no matter we
live today and want to do some hard rocking tunes with sound of today. As a band we cannot
practice due to the distance but that’s no problem. Everyone does his parts on his own and
we just come together before the live shows. I try to play as often as I can. Playing guitar
calms me down and helps me to relax. I don’t practice any scales all the time, it’s more a
kind of jamming around.

The well-written lyrics are executed with real heart and passion throughout your whole catalogue. Which comes first melody or lyric in your process?

First of all, thank you. It’s nice when people mind the lyrics. It happens so often I talk to
people and they have no idea what their favourite song is about…
Most of the time I write the music first. When I have a feeling for the mood of the song I
start to look for a theme, an emotion, a statement. Then I collect words, phrases or rhymes
and bring them in shape. And then comes the tricky part. Combine them with a melody.
Sometimes I have an idea what it should sound like and sing it to myself with fantasy lyrics.
After that I adapt the lyrics to the melody.

You have different singers for each of your songs. As a fan, this keeps it fresh and exciting. How do you stay focused as a collective with different people coming and going?

Exactlly this is the idea. It gives us the flexibility to give every song the vocals we want to.
We as a band work as one and we know where we’re going. As I said it gives us so much
opportunities these days and was perfect while we recorded during Covid.
We don’t want to do this forever this way. To have one singer would be great (also for
touring) but that’s no show stopper, because it worked really good so far.

What’s your greatest achievement? What made you feel and think yeah this is what I want to do forever?

Seeing people in the front row singing your songs. That is one of the best feelings I ever
had. To see people touched by something I created makes me very proud. And playing guitar
with a nice full-stack on stage. Most of the time I’m not that extroverted and communicative
but when I’m on stage I feel free.

I always ask an obscure question. Which colour rocks the most blue or green and why?

Definitely blue! Blue is the cooler, older guy from highschool with a hot chick and a
Mustang Green ever wants to be.

One of your songs on the new album is called ‘Where Has The Rock And Roll Gone?’. Now that you are allowed out to play to audiences what are looking forward to most ? Where are you playing next and in the upcoming future?

The energy and loud Rock N Roll!
Right now we’re planning our live shows, so it will take just a bit longer and we will
announce our shows.

To vintage and new fans plus our readers of metal digest What 2 songs did you enjoy doing and became favourites off the new album ‘Temptation’?

From a view as guitarist the most fun to record and to play were „Smoke & Mirrors“ and
„Mojo Man“ and I really like both of them for their great groove and powerful vocals.


Tobias Eurich – Guitars

Mathias Luond – Bass

Jason – Steve Mageney – Drums


Gianni Pontillo

Stu Block

Herbie Langhans

Mark Fox

Alex Kuhner

Thank you for taking the time to speak to us at Metal Digest

and giving an insight into ‘Serpents in Paradise’ today.

Good Luck in all your endeavors.

Come on in!

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