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Trench – ‘Encased in Chrome’ EP

New Damage Records
Wounded Touch, Gloves Off, Delusion, A Mourning Star
Release Date
New Damage Records
Hardcore/Nu Metal

Trench formed in Calvary, Alberta, Canada and since forming in 2016, the hardcore/nu-metal band have developed a bold sonic signature and now, the Canadians are back with their latest EP, ‘Encased in Chrome’.

As an EP, ‘Encased in Chrome’ is short as they cram six songs into the EP in just under 11 minutes. This does mean that this EP packs a punch from the start and the listener is on board immediately Trench them from that very first note. Through intense vocals, nefarious chugs, menacing bass, bone-crushing drums with the synths playing their part to create a jarring experience throughout this EP. In fact, the musicality provides ambient soundscapes and animalistic non-predictable chaos in multiple sub-genres which is best listened to with the volume cranked up to the max.

It may be erratic, but ‘Encased in Chrome’ does this style on purpose, which is utterly genius and before the listener realises, Trench have assumed control of the ear drums through tracks such as ‘Unforgiven Remains’ which even has a guest performance from rapper Guilty Simpson known for his work with Almighty Dreadnaughtz fame.

‘Encased in Chrome’ is a sound which is dirty and gritty and shows just how calculated that Trench have been in this diabolic art. Yes, it can be a little oppressive and overbearing, but stick with it because ‘Encased in Chrome’ may be small, but it is fierce!

"small, but fierce"

Come on in!

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