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Massacre – ‘Mythos’ EP

Nuclear Blast
Master, Cancer, Inhuman Condition, Burial, Benediction, Morgoth
Release Date
July 1, 2022
Nuclear Blast
Death Metal

Some bands disappear and struggle to return whilst some bands return to a hail of pomp and ceremony. One band which returned last year was Massacre with the Floridian death metal legends releasing their acclaimed ‘Resurgence’ album and now, this year sees the band extending this with the release of their latest EP ‘Mythos’.

                When it comes to getting in and out with as much damage as possible without overstaying their welcome, Massacre have become masters of it and ‘Mythos’ is no different. Clocking in at just over 15 minutes, ‘Mythos’ is four tracks of death metal aggression done right; yes, of course there isn’t anything here that we haven’t already heard, and we already know what Massacre are capable of, but this EP is tighter than a submarine door. What Massacre deliver are four tracks of Lovecraftian horror done through the style of people who have read the literature and know what they’re talking about rather than the allusions to Lovecraft they may have heard from mass media.

                This isn’t four tracks left over from the ‘Resurgence’ sessions, whacked into an EP for a quick cash in. ‘Mythos’ is an EP of a band well and truly in the middle of a creative patch and they’re not afraid to show it. This is a decent EP, and any fan of death metal and Lovecraft would be right at home here.

"any fan of death metal and Lovecraft would be right at home here"

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