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Septic Flesh | Street Mode Festival | A Visual Diary

Thessaloniki, July 2022. Street Mode Festival.

It feels like a million degrees.

But no one seems to care as Septic Flesh are about to ravish the scene.

Street Mode Festival has been so successful in previous years; this year, it resumes its legacy and stepped up its game in 2022.

Memphis opened the show and wowed the crowd. I’ve seen them before and even though it’s not my cup of tea, I must admit I spent the entire day today listening to their stuff on Youtube. They were tired and as we established before it was a million degrees but they are made out of pure fury, filled to the brim with energy that cannot be contained. Kudos.

image credits Yota Chelf Dortlouke

And then it was time for Septic Flesh.

With unbridled energy, and a rollercoaster of sounds and emotions they did more than live up to the hype.

They gave out an air of professionalism, well-planned, well-rehearsed, well-executed, yet blissfully chaotic at the same time. This they earned. It’s the result of hard work and experience; not a combo that happens randomly. That’s the exact kind of band that I like to work with.

The moshpit was sweaty, soaking with passion; the kind of passion that brings everyone together for a moment.

But this is not an article of words so let the pictures speak for themselves (and on my behalf too).

image credits Yota Chelf Dortlouke

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Seth Siro Anton | Vocals, Bass
Christos Antoniou | Guitar, Orchestra
Sotiris Anunnaki V | Clean Vocals, Guitar, 12 String Guitar
Psychon | Guitar
Kerim ‘Krimh’ Lechner | Drums
Get your copy of Modern Primitive here:

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