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Caliban – ‘Dystopia’

Century Media Records
Heaven Shall Burn, As I Lay Dying, Bleed from Within, Maroon, Annisokay
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Century Media Records

Like it or loathe it, metalcore is a divisive genre, there are those which lap it up, proudly exclaiming it to be their favourite genre and then there are those that will recoil at the very mention of metalcore, scurrying away into their holes to write disparaging comments on social media usually debating at what is or what isn’t metal. One of the leading names of this genre are Caliban and now, the German band are back with their latest album ‘Dystopia’.

                It is hardly any wonder in the modern era why so many bands choose to embrace titles like ‘Dystopia’ and with this album, Caliban very much delve into the themes that take on isolation, demagogues and the war of words which are so frequently flung across the internet. This is all delivered through a massively high-class production befitting of an album of this nature as tracks such as ‘VirUS’, ‘sWords’ and ‘Darkness I Became’ show a band comfortable of where they are in their career, delivering top-quality metalcore with a mass appeal which not only continues Caliban’s streak of good albums, but also Caliban continue to pull in listeners who wouldn’t necessarily see metalcore as their regular genre. Furthermore, ‘Dystopia’ is enhanced by a pool of high-profile guests from the likes of Jonny Davy, through Heaven Shall Burn and Annisokay.

                What Caliban have delivered is another album of metalcore which is more than decent. Yes, it has the usual metalcore tropes, but it is presented with so much guile and intensity that the listener can easily push beyond that and find themselves thoroughly enjoying the album.

"metalcore with a mass appeal"

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