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Slægt – ‘Amalgamation’

Century Media
Tribulation, Nite, Attic, Dissection, Cloak, Satan's Host
Release Date
Century Media
Black/Heavy Metal

                One man, with one vision and one goal… to set out a stall of black metal and build it up into a powerhouse to crush all asunder. That band was Slægt and what started out as a one-person project quickly morphed into a fully fledged four piece as the band delivers ‘Amalgamation’, their fourth album of studio work.

                Slægt are a band which have been continuously busy, they have never stopped working and they have continued to push the boundaries of their black metal sound with each release. Therefore, ‘Amalgamation’ is another excellent showing of what this band are capable of. With this album, Slægt have taken the old school black metal sound and turbocharged it, adding elements of post black and progressive black metal as well as heavy metal and hard rock without ever doing enough to alienate those original black metal fans. Keep it kvlt. This means that tracks such as ‘Kiss from a Knife’, ‘Deceived by an Amethyst’ and ‘Fealty, Thunder Whip’ show a band with all the enjoyability of Darkthrone whilst also retaining elements of the likes of Tribulation, Cloak and Nite with huge gothic architectural edges.

                If you like your black metal to stick rigidly to the second wave format, then ‘Amalgamation’ may break the mould far too much. But there’s a real accessibility and enjoyability to it which means this album is an excellent choice.  

"an album which pushes the boundaries of the black metal sound"

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