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Ignite – ‘Ignite’

Century Media
Good Riddance, Sick Of It All, Pennywise, Comeback Kid, Strung Out
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Century Media
Melodic Hardcore

Taking their influences and inspiration from the likes of Death by Stereo and Raised Fist, the Californian based quintet has been rocking hardcore aggression for 25 years now and this year has Ignite returning after a six-year break with their latest self-titled studio album.

‘Ignite’ hits the ground running and the heartbeat rhythms set the pace consistently throughout. The 10 songs featured on this album are very melodic, each having their own identity which thrash effortlessly from start to finish, and the new vocals of Eli Santana stamps their authority all over the album with a great set of pipes. Through tracks such as ‘Call Off the Dogs’ and ‘The House is Burning’ are the most memorable, they are ready-made anthems with great depth and must be sung out loud for full effect. Furthermore, there are some groovy basslines to be heard here whilst the guitars bring the fire, brimstone and all the passion and fury that hardcore can bring. Not only this, but ‘Ignite’ is coupled with the impact and the stories needed for this genre and the power of radical politics and environmentalism courses throughout this rage and speed. 

As cult heroes, Ignite show no signs of slowing down and as self-titled albums often indicate, this album is the dawn of a new era. This equation of high energy hardcore with melodic elements is Ignite’s signature sound, it doesn’t break any moulds but it is certainly a call to arms!  

"Ignite issue a call to arms!"

Come on in!

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