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Emetropia – ‘Equinox’

Independent Release
Nightwish, Epica, Amorphis
Release Date
Independent Release
Symphonic Metal

Emetropia is a new Swedish band on the Symphonic scene. Their music is sweeping, grandiose, and frankly, quite gorgeous. There will be inevitable comparisons to Nightwish, Epica, etc. And since there are 1000s of Symphonic Metal bands to choose from these days (Yes, 1000s. Visited Metal Archives lately?) you will assuredly hear aspects of more than a few.

If this was the first Symphonic Metal album you ever heard, it would be quite the eye-opener. Trouble is, most eyes were opened a couple of decades ago. These days, it takes a lot more to turn the heads and drop the jaws. Emetropia certainly has a few crucial things going for them. But, they don’t have the “it” factor…yet.

Lisa Wallenberg’s angelic voice sails flawlessly over the band’s gruff and aggressive passages. Perhaps, her voice is a little too flawless. Sometimes a little grit is a welcome thing, especially in this genre. Additionally, her vocals seem to meld into the overall soundscape, becoming another grand instrument in the mix. Just an opinion here, but her voice is really something special. As such, I would let her shine a bit more brightly.

Perfectly executed, ‘Equinox’ is an excellent combination of bombast and beauty. Many tracks contain elements of older Nightwish, Therion, Epica, and even Tristania. All these influences are presented exceptionally well, but what does Emetropia sound like?  I should note the closing track, “His Final Endeavor,” is extraordinary and majestic. Spanning eleven minutes, it is a fully immersive work of art I would expect to hear from someone well into their career. If they build from here, they could easily be one of the greats. In the meantime, ‘Equinox’ is a pretty good place to wait.

"‘Equinox’ is an excellent combination of bombast and beauty"

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