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KAWIR release benefit EP for founder’s recovery – features Dis Pater and Jim Mutilator as guests

During the pandemic, Greece had one of the toughest lockdowns in Europe. In the midst of a lockdown, Kawir founder and lead guitarist Therthonax fell ill and had to undergo heart surgery. The operation was successful and he is now recovering, but he is still having difficulty. It is impossible for him to do concerts or even to walk normally.

For this reason and with a sincere willingness to offer a little help in our own way, and above all with absolute respect for Therthonax, Kawir have released through Bandcamp a special EP with three songs titled Gigantomachia (English: “War of the Giants”). The EP contains three tracks from the band’s upcoming album, and all proceeds will go to Therthonax in order to get him back on his feet, literally and metaphorically.

Featuring keyboards by Midnight Odyssey’s Dis Pater and screams by Greek scene legend Jim Mutilator (Medieval Demon, Yoth Iria, ex-Rotting Christ, ex-Varathron), hear Gigantomachia and make donations HERE at Kawir‘s Bandcamp. Thank you, and stay tuned.



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