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Devil Master – ‘Ecstasies of Never Ending Night’

Relapse Records
Cape of Bats, Venom, G.I.S.M., Sabbat, Shitfucker, Tristengrav, Creepshow
Release Date
Relapse Records
Black Metal/Punk

                Cronos once sang that they were: “dogs of mayhem don’t get a damn, screaming aloud, fucked up and drunk, you better watch out we’re the long-haired punks” and that is a wonderful way to sum up the entire black/punk genre. One band who have delivered on this motto since their 2015 formation are Devil Master with the Philadelphian band back with their sophomore album ‘Ecstasies of Never Ending Night’.

                Devil Master have the mantra, keep it fast, keep it raw and keep it creepy. Yet do not be fooled by the ridiculously daft pseudonyms like; Festering Terror in Deepest Catacomb or Disembody Through Unparalleled Pleasure because this isn’t a bunch of kids just playing at black/punk through an image which Peter Murphy and Siouxsie Sioux would die for. ‘Ecstasies…’ is decent riff after riff, thunderous and furious rhythms and unexpected memorable melodies which show a band having all the elements of Cape of Bats, Shitfucker, Tristengrav and Sabbat (Japan) whilst taking a nod of outright appreciation at the likes of Darkthrone, Venom and Midnight through tracks such as ‘Golgotha’s Cruel Song’, ‘Funerary Gyre of Dreams & Madness’ and ‘Precious Blood of Christ Rebuked’.

                With ‘Ecstasies…’ Devil Master show that they are a band on top of their game; this is an excellent album of black/punk and shows a band with a very bright future ahead of them. 

"Devil Master show that they are a band on top of their game"

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