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Dead Head – ‘Slave Driver’

Hammerheart Records
Kreator, Sadus, Dark Angel, Thanatos, Dead Horse, Inquisitor, Demolition Hammer
Release Date
Hammerheart Records
Thrash/Death Metal

Hidden in the lowlands of The Netherlands, for the last 30 years Dead Head have been quite arguably one of The Netherlands best kept secrets delivering superb thrash metal with death metal touches. Now, it may have been nearly five years since Dead Head released ‘Swine Plague’, but now, the Dutch band are back with their latest studio album ‘Slave Driver’.

                Straight out of the traps, ‘Slave Driver’ batters the door down with an explosive cannonball of thrash/death. Thankfully, this album never lets up, it is a relentless drive which shows that even after 30 years in the business, Dead Head are still running with a full tank of fuel as tracks such as ‘Polar Vortex’, ‘Horrors of Hades’ and ‘Grim Side Valley’ continue to show everything that this Dutch band are capable of. Through low slung riffs, technical guitar solos and pummelling drums and raging vocals, ‘Slave Driver’ allows the listener to lose themselves within the powerful atmosphere this album creates.

                If you’re looking for an album which delivers an almost perfect example of what this genre is capable of, then ‘Slave Driver’ is the place to go. If you’re the sort of person who are disappointed with later releases by Kreator, Destruction, Sadus etc and like to take to the internet to express your disappointment; then do yourself a favour, get this album instead you won’t regret it.  

"an almost perfect example of what this genre is capable of"

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