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Temple of Deimos – ‘Heading to Saint Reaper’

Argonauta Records
Kyuss, Orange Goblin, Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures
Release Date
Argonauta Records
Stoner/Desert Rock

Sometimes when the need for some proper heavy Stoner Rock takes hold, and like me you’ve been through the back catalogue of Kal-El and Stoned Jesus, picked out the choice tracks from QOTSA and The Brothers Keg, and yet still you feel the need for it to rip your face off just a little bit more? Greece may have given us the answer with Stoner power-trio Temple of Deimos’ third full-length studio release “Heading to Saint Reaper” (the title makes no sense to me either). A pretty much unrelentingly hard and dense Desert Rock album with just enough oblique and wilful singular form to fill the hole in your desires; the focus is low-end tonality and power; the guitar tones are to die for.

Album opener “Bad Time Choices” launches us on the Good Ship Mindfuck with chopped phrasing and mixed-meters that could defy a tapped finger at a hundred paces. Wrapped in the tonality and feel of QOTSA’s debut album’s drum sounds and guitar effects, it almost comes as a surprise that Mark Lanaghan doesn’t join in on vocals. “Charlie Song” has its tongue firmly pushed in the cheek with a pastiche of the genre’s predilection to drug references and tropes. “Melancholia” sounds like a lost track from the “Villains” recording sessions with all the Mark Ronson “studio polish” removed; it kicks ass mightily, and stomps along in a great and varied collection of time signatures.

Not to suggest that this album is simplistically or casually produced; the opposite is the case with a stunning stereo image and clear instrument tracking and separation, the vocals and drums are massively mid-scooped, surely how they should be under the desert night sky? The production never overtakes the music, that’s all, simple as that. It never detracts from the simplicity of good songs well delivered by talented players.

"The relentless nature can make it feel overly-long, otherwise it’s solid. Recommended to add into your “go to” playlist"

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