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Metal Blade Records
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MASTER BOOT RECORD has carriage returned with their newest album, ‘PERSONAL COMPUTER’. So grab your code-red energy drink and C:\START ALBUM.

If this band starts singing about a daisy girl, I will be bowing down to our new computer overlords if this is the level of music we can expect once we have submitted. All jokes aside, this album is a masterpiece of electronic metal that will have you convinced that you are back in your childhood bedroom, playing your favourite 16-BIT console with a messed up coaxial cable, but the music has that extra punch that it always needed. The track listing of the album shouldn’t scare you away, as it is a list of seemingly random numbers and letters, as the music is a work of art, mixing metal, old school game music, and synth. This review would have been done sooner had I not been distracted trying to crack the album’s code to unlock access to a bonus track… So not only can they captivate their audience with their music, but they can engage their audience with puzzles and code breaking!

All in all, this album is thoroughly enjoyable and I shall #include <this.album> (A joke that 00000001 out of 00001010 people will get) in my personal collection.


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