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House of Shakira – ‘Lint XXV’ (Reissue)

Frontiers Records
Two Fires, Seventh Key, Bad Habit, Frozen Rain, Unruly Child, Final Frontier
Release Date
Frontiers Records
Melodic/Melodic Hard Rock

For the last 25 years, House of Shakira (HoS) have been setting the benchmark for what it means to release an album of melodic hard rock in Sweden. This high-water mark was set way back in 1997 when HoS released ‘Lint’ and now, this year has Frontiers Records reissuing a special 25th anniversary edition of this album entitled ‘Lint XXV’.

                Fans of HoS are in for a real treat with ‘Lint XXV’ because Frontiers Records are reissuing this album as a double CD as well as vinyl. What the purchaser will get here is the original ‘Lint’ album getting a good old spring clean as the album is remastered and brought up to sonic quality for the contemporary era where the listener can now hear ‘Lint’ in all its glory. Yet, the extra selling point here is the fact that disc two will feature the entire ‘Lint’ album in demo format sung by original HoS vocalist Mikael Eriksson who left the band in 1995 prior to the recording of ‘Lint’. For those who like to use vinyl as their medium of choice then ‘Lint XXV’ will also be available on red vinyl exclusively from Frontiers themselves and will feature all the little extras also bestowed on the CD version.

                ‘Lint XXV’ is a great album of melodic hard rock, and this reissue gives the fans of the genre the perfect chance to get their hands on an album which may have slipped out under the radar of masses in 1997. Now is the chance to rectify that. These hips don’t lie.

"‘Lint XXV’ is a great album of melodic hard rock and their hips don't lie"

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