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WAR ORPHAN Motivates With New Hardcore Punk Single “YDI (You Do It)”

Thrash/hardcore collective WAR ORPHAN has debuted a new single titled “YDI (You Do It)” from their forthcoming, sophomore album, Unite, that’s due out later this year. First revealed at, the single is an incendiary punk infused hardcore track guaranteed to get you off your ass and tackle whatever obstacles lie ahead of you.

Commenting on the single, WAR ORPHAN states:

“When we were young punk bands would have these songs with letters for name and you had to do your homework to find out what they were talking about. Since we never liked doing homework we’ll just tell you: YDI is an inside joke we use for people who claim to be DIY but expect everything to be done for them. It stands for “You Do It”. Remember kids, chase your dreams because they won’t chase you.” 

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WAR ORPHAN’s second full-length album finds the band shifting focus from the fast, political protest hardcore of their debut release to a more uplifting, inspirational subject matter. Stream the record’s recently released single “Perpetual Motion” here: 


WAR ORPHAN made their debut in 2020 with a seething thrash punk EP Closer To Death Than Life. Their initial offering was a fearless protest record that delivered a much needed shot of angst into the hardcore scene and swift throat-punch to rightwing extremists during the volatile and tumultuous Trump presidency. Bason summoned the furious rage that people across the country felt during the time, channeling it into songs about systematic racism (“Autonomous Zone”) and a deceitful president (“Prop Up The Polls”) among other topics. The EP led to the band’s 2021 debut full-length album “Bonkers in Yonkers.”

On their first full length outing WAR ORPHAN was playlisted on Spotify’s Political Punk, Noisy, All New Punk, The Punk List among others, was covered by numerous media outlets and garnered a strong reaction from fans around the world. The record was a terse reaction to the political tension of the times in which it was recorded.

Now five singles into the release of their second record in less that 18 months, the band has settled into a groove that reflects the positive mindset of their members. 

David Bason (Barfbag) – Vocals
Richie Cipriano (ex-Sick of It All) – Guitar
Dante Renzi (Ouijipig) – Drums
Danny Martinez (Reach) – Bass

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