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Through the Void – ‘Life is Cancelled’ EP

Independent Release
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Independent Release

Life may be cancelled, but Through The Void certainly isn’t as they return with their new EP, ‘Life Is Cancelled’, so prepare yourself to scream at your walls!

This EP, though comparably small with just four tracks, does not disappoint with each track holding its own and making you want to find more from this band. The album opens up nicely with ‘Denied’, which beckons you into the album with its eerie, almost industrial sound, and then builds up to the punchy and screaming crescendo. The raw and screaming vocals are broken up during the chorus with polished and clean singing, showing the band to have the ability to switch pace at a moments notice, and really helps to highlight the pain and anger that you would expect from a Nu Metal band. The track ‘Answer’ starts with a classic in the Nu Metal genre, with rapping over a heavy riff, punchy bass, and superb drum beat that will have you head banging in no time at all!

All in all, a really well written and produced EP that really shows that band’s potential and skill as artists, and I really look forward to hearing more from this band.

"a really well written and produced EP that really shows that band’s potential and skill"

Come on in!

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