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Ocean Grove – ‘Up in the Air Forever’

Alpha Wolf, Dropout Kings, Cane Hill, My Enemies & I
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It’s time to put on some shades, sit in the sun, and crack open a cold one with Ocean Grove’s new album, ‘Up In The Air Forever’.

If I had to sum up this album in a single word, it would be ‘Summertime’, but luckily I have more words to use to describe this impressive and mostly upbeat sounding album from the Australian band (This may explain the constant summery feel). The album starts off with ‘FLAVA’ which sounds akin to an early 2000’s hit song, with its upbeat riffs, light rapping, and their upbeat sounding vocals that mask the truly deep and meaningful lyrics. Each track on this album brings something new to the table, whether it is ‘HMU’ with its synthy, 80’s style into, and mainstream sounding vocals, or if it is ‘NOISE’ with its indie riffs, and overly catchy, and wonderfully simple chorus that will have you singing along the first time you hear it as if it were a song you had heard a million times before! The album is ended with the title track, ‘Up In The Air Forever’, which really turns the mood with its haunting synth and deep, pain stricken lyrics and vocals that emphasise a deep grief.

All in all, this is a fantastic album with a range of songs that would hold their own as singles, all wrapped up into an amazingly produced and written album.

"a fantastic album with a range of songs that would hold their own as singles"

Come on in!

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