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LYDIA’S CASTLE: How to build castles out of a tragedy.

Hailing from Nashville, TN, Lydia’s Castle is a rock band that pulls no punches.

Tonya LeeAnne’s powerhouse voice fuses with Cody Denton’s pummeling guitar riffs in a collision of old school blues soaked metal and hardcore riot grrrl rock and roll born from their own personal tragedy. We grabbed the opportunity to have a chat with the band.

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Do you think that music has the ability to be that media to empower people? 

Absolutely, something as simple as a good, relatable song can speak to and inspire millions to feel or do whatever the song or artist is evoking.

Music is insanely powerful.

You recently dropped your new music video and single for “Search for You”. Were you affected emotionally by the music? 

Oh, for sure.. the subject matter is a bit touchy and heavy… I’m pretty stoic when it comes to media portrayals of tragic stuff, but when it’s reminiscent of an experience shared by those close to you.. it just hits different. Definitely clammed up a bit upon seeing the video for the first time.

Can you identify particular moments when this happened?

I’d say, the whole entire video is just an emotional roller coaster. Making you feel happy and a bit contrasted from the tone of the music.. however, once the interlude hits and mom goes into labor… you’re like “ohhhh sh*t this is about to be sad.” And sad it was…

Did these moments reflect or coincide with intensity in the lyrics? 

Oh, absolutely. Austin and the cast did an amazing job with the narrative. As a concept video, it’s very important for the emotion to be conveyed Visually and Aurally in sync.

How do you maintain your deep connection with your fans?

Just being real, nice folk for the most part. And try to actually respond to people as much as possible. And we always choose the option of being kind.

Do you have a moto? 

Haha, not a moto, per sè at this time. But our mission statement is to more or less advocate triumph over tragedy.

What is your greatest life lesson so far? 

Definitely take the hard right over the easy wrong to get through life.

Come on in!

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