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Misery Index – ‘Complete Control’

Death Metal/Grindcore
Dying Fetus, Cattle Decapitation, Aborted, Criminal Element, Assück, Lock Up
Release Date
Century Media Records
Death Metal/Grindcore

                Some bands just form, hit the ground and like Sonic the Hedgehog, the dust get kicked up and off into the distance they go delivering album after album of solid metal. One such band are Misery Index with the Baltimore band returning since 2019 with ‘Complete Control’ their latest work of powerful death metal.

                Misery Index have done a fantastic job in their career of blending old-school death metal in with a contemporary death metal sound which also invokes the spirit of grindcore. Therefore, ‘Complete Control’ is another brilliant example of what Misery Index are capable of as metronomic hydraulic piston drumming coupled with meat hook guitars designed to flay the flesh from the skin batter at the speakers as the vocals of Jason Netheron and Mark Kloeppel trade blows to perform assault and battery on the listener. Through these elements, tracks such as ‘The Eaters and the Eaten’, ‘Conspiracy of None’ and ‘Reciprocal Repulsion’ once again means that this album has all the appeal of Dying Fetus, Aborted and Cattle Decapitation as once again Misery Index deliver another album which successfully shows the band delivering quality brutality without being cliched or over the top.

                ‘Complete Control’ is the sound of Misery Index in well, complete control, it is the sound of a band well on top of their game and if you’re looking for a death metal/grindcore album which ticks all the boxes then ‘Complete Control’ is a great place to go.

"‘Complete Control’ is the sound of Misery Index in well, complete control"

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