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Deserted Fear – ‘Doomsday’

Century Media Records
Bolt Thrower, Memoriam, Decaying, Amon Amarth, Helslave
Release Date
Century Media Records
Death Metal

                It takes some real skill to stand out in death metal. This is a genre that is for want of a better word, saturated with bands all desperately trying to show some signs of uniqueness. One such band are Deserted Fear who are back for the first time since 2019 with their latest album ‘Doomsday’.

                As an album, ‘Doomsday’ manages to hold the line perfectly between old school death metal and melodic death metal. This album blasts forward with some colossal riffage, thundering rhythmic drums, powering the album forward and for a trio, this band know how to turn up the volume. Not only is the musicianship second to none, but Manuel Glatter delivers an excellent guttural performance with tracks such as ‘Follow the Light that Blinds’, ‘Idols of Trumph’ and ‘Call of Emptiness’ have all the attention of Bolt Thrower, Memoriam and Decaying. Furthermore, the power held by Deserted Fear would also drag in fans of Grave, Amon Amarth and Katakylsm.

                What Deserted Fear have delivered here is a top album of melodic/death metal that sticks to the core of what the genre is all about. Sure, there isn’t anything here that the listener will not have heard before, but if you’re looking for a decent album, then this is a good shout.  

"Deserted Fear have delivered a top album of melodic/death metal that sticks to the core of what the genre is all about"

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