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Vexes – ‘Imagine What We Could Destroy/If Only Given The Time’

Independent Release
Deftones, Circa Drive, Cave In
Release Date
June 17, 2022
Independent Release
Alternative Metal

New Jersey just may have a new claim to fame…and they are kinda overdue. Vexes is a complex band. A bit of Butterfly Effect, a bit of TesseracT, and the inevitable comparison to Deftones. All of these observations, while technically accurate to a degree, don’t quite sum them up. Their sophomore album ‘Imagine…’ is a sprawling and immersive opus. Beautifully recorded, it skillfully intertwines gorgeously crushing layers of guitars with gentle waves of reprieve. At times the album can be pummeling and at others, it is sweeping to elegant heights. With its precisely sprinkled use of keyboards, synth, and hints of electronica, Vexes manages to pull off a sound of their own. No mean feat these days.

At nearly two hours in length, ‘Imagine…’ is a considerable time investment, but worth the time spent. The band surges through a variety of emotional and sonic landscapes. Some are laid out in exquisite detail, while others require an open mind’s interpretation. Whichever tact one chooses, each song is immensely enjoyable. It is obvious that much care and planning have been poured into each detail. Charlie Berezansky’s impassioned vocals arc and ache, often cracking at precisely the right time, adding a unique trait to each song.

About two-thirds in, a distinct pattern emerges. The tempos, the intros, and the sailing choruses are all excellent mind you, but after a while, a little variety would be welcomed. In my opinion, Vexes could have cut a bit here and there and still come away with an amazing record. Attention spans are short these days and honestly, the band may be asking for a bit much. By all means, give this album a spin, just with a certain mindset in place.  Once they zero in on (and taper down) their sound, Vexes is absolutely destined for greatness.

"At nearly two hours in length, ‘Imagine…’ is a considerable time investment, but worth the time spent"

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