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Triggering Trauma – ‘Voice of the Voiceless’ EP

Misanthropik Records
Tombs, Godflesh, Author & Punisher
Release Date
Misanthropik Records
Industrial/Death Metal

It’s time to get your preferred neck support ready, and to rehydrate, as we delve into Triggering Trauma’s EP, ‘Voice of the Voiceless’.

This album starts off with a punch with their track ‘Cancel, Cancel Culture’ which tackles the issues of destructive human behaviours by personifying those aspects of humanity, and what happens when someone is pushed to breaking point. The track is heavy hitting, with a nice melodic riff, raw and growling vocals with lighter melodic breaks at the chorus, harmonised by a painful scream that really drags the pain of the subject matter to the forefront of the track. The track, ‘Dead Pedophiles Don’t Re-Offend’, is exactly what you would expect in terms of the subject of the song, and even preempts the argument’s against the stance taken by the song with the lyrics “They condemn me for doing what everyone really wants to do” and makes the suggestion that these feelings of hatred and vitriol can only really be understood by people who have been affected by abuse of this nature. The album takes a detour with their closing track, ‘Everybody Needs a Devil’, a track that pays heavy homage to Marilyn Manson, in both style and content. The track opens up with recordings of allegations of abuse toward “Brian Warner” (Manson’s actual name) and speaks of how Manson has been demonised in the media since the 90’s because people always need a villain to blame for things that seem too horrific to not come from the devil.

A very good, and thought provoking album with music and lyrics that will make you want to listen, and listen again.

"A very good, and thought provoking album"

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