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Hyperdontia – ‘Hideous Entity’

Dark Descent Records
Incantation, Dead Congregation, Undeath, Sulphurous, Adramelech
Release Date
Dark Descent Records
Death Metal

Well, wouldn’t you know, the internet has uses other than looking at pornography and arguing with idiots online. Musicians have been using the internet to form bands with one example being Hyperdontia who are made up of members from Turkey, Denmark and Poland and are back with ‘Hideous Entity’ their sophomore album of death metal and their first album since 2018.

                To say that Hyperdontia have been well-received is an understatement, since 2015, Hyperdontia have had the death metal Midas touch and ‘Hideous Entity’ is therefore no exception. This is driving album of powerful death metal dripping with old-school vibes, drums batter the speakers like a pneumatic drill whilst the guitars chainsaw their way forward, grinding up every bit of meat in front of them. Furthermore, vocalist Mathias Friborg solidifies his place at the microphone stand as he casts away any doubts about replacing the previous vocalist David Mikkelsen because Friborg makes these tracks his own as ‘Hideous Entity’ roars with all the appeal of Sulphurous, Dead Congregation and Undeath whilst still keeping that old-school likeability of Incantation and Morbid Angel.

                If you’re going to expect Hyperdontia to do something massively different with ‘Hideous Entity’, then you’ll be disappointed. However, Hyperdontia don’t need to do anything different, the mould doesn’t need breaking or the blueprint tampering with. ‘Hideous Entity’ is a fantastic album, arguably better than their debut album and raises that bar for the rest of their career.

"Hideous Entity’ is a fantastic album, arguably better than their debut album and raises that bar for the rest of their career"

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