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Apate – ‘Rage’

Human Warfare
Deftones, Slipknot, Loathe
Release Date
Human Warfare
Industrial/Nu Metal/Metalcore

It’s time to dust off the baggy jeans and get ready to vent some anger to your bedroom walls as we listen to Apate’s album, ‘Rage’.

The album kicks off nicely with their opening track, ‘Full Of Rage’ which nicely transitions to ‘Under My Skin’. In both these tracks you can hear the Slipknot influence with the bassy riffs and high-pitched screeching guitars, all nicely brought together by the growling, angry vocals. The album then takes a bit of a turn with their track ‘Gasoline Anthem’ which slows the pace down to a crawl, with slow and punchy riffs, while maintaining the feeling of rage being released, with very audible influences of Deftones coming through to make a very good track that will make you want to headbang and scream “I will never be like you!” as loud as you can. The album is rounded off with their track ‘Dancing On The Razors Edge’ which makes you feel the building rage as is the nature of this whole album, with its very punchy riffs and haunting, pain-filled vocals.

All in all, a very good album that encompasses all the angry aspects of Nu-Metal with an industrial undertone that keeps each track unique yet familiar.

"a very good album that encompasses all the angry aspects of Nu-Metal with an industrial undertone"

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