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Sense of Justice – ‘Young at Heart’

WTF Records
Agnostic Front, Madball, Negative Approach
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WTF Records
Hardcore Punk

Let’s face it, with everything that has been happening in the world in the last few years, it is hardly surprising that hardcore punk is brimming over with creativity. One such band are Sense of Justice (SoJ) who are back with their fourth studio album ‘Young at Heart’ as the Austrian veterans continue to show the younger crowds how to do it.

                25 years into their career, SoJ are hardly going to do anything new, ‘Young at Heart’ is an album which the listener knows exactly what they are getting into as venomous lyrics are spat out from a mouth frothing with bile from a band stomping about with old-school hardcore power. Tracks such as ‘Pals for a Lifetime’, ‘Stand up’ and ‘Matter of Opinion’ show a band not willing to sit down and watch the world corrode around them as machine gun riffs and rapid-fire drums shatter the speakers with all the power of Agnostic Front, Madball and Negative Approach causing a pit to form at the drop of the hat at any given chance.

If you are the sort of person who is not into hardcore, then this isn’t for you, and it’ll hardly convert you to the cause. However, if you are partial to the hardcore ways, then ‘Young at Heart’ is another solid offering from SoJ.

"‘Young at Heart’ is another solid offering from Sense of Justice"

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