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STAHV – ‘Electric Youth’

Independent Release
The Cult, All Them Witches, Ty Segall
Release Date
Independent Release
Doomgaze/Post/Psychedelic Rock

STAHV has released a full album cover/re-imagining of The Cult’s 1987 Heavy Rocking masterpiece “Electric”. With a hard-edged straight up sound (with no less than Rick Rubin twiddling the studio knobs) The Cult successfully followed up the bullseye they’d hit with the much Goth-ier “Love”.

STAHV’s take on “Electric” is a one-man passion project; everything you hear is just one talented multi-instrumentalist having a damned good time playing classic songs he obviously adores.

Staying very true to the pacing and content of the originals, what we have here is an exercise in genre-bending, think more style and instrumentation swapping. Barnstormers like “Peace Dog” and “Bad Fun” get the Country-tinged Southern Acid-Rock treatment to great effect, “King Contrary Man” gets the Bauhaus/Iggy Pop Krautrock/Post-Punk electronic beeps and bloops. Meanwhile, “Memphis Hip Shake” goes full Sabbath. You hear the songs you already know and love; just not how you remember them. Highlight of this clever reimagination is “Love Removal Machine”. An almost blissful summer-sunshine Tame Impala/Moon Duo trance-along that is just sublime. Not every track hits these heights, but there are no actual dogs. “Born to be Wild” is a bit of an “Individual” take that references STAHV’s earlier and more heavily electronic output.

"If you love the original, you might be torn by this. I’d say give it a try"

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