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Darian and Friends – ‘Lost Horizons’

Cruz Del Sur Music
Thin Lizzy, Rainbow, Elvenking, Sinner, Sunstorm, Def Leppard, Magnum
Release Date
June 10, 2022
Cruz Del Sur Music
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

                Bands are founded for various reasons, fame, fortune, fun and boredom. But heavy metal has never been one to shy away from the more philanthropic causes and this year has Dano Beretta of Drakkar and Crimson Dawn fame setting up a new project aimed at supporting research into cancer, particularly leukaemia with Darian and Friends releasing their debut studio album ‘Lost Horizons’.

                As one might guess with a band named Darian and Friends; ‘Lost Horizons’ features a plethora of guests from the rock and metal world as the international community comes together for a good cause. Therefore, what the listener gets here are some really, really good tracks from hard rock singalongs through to roaring heavy metal, Beretta has the listener covered coupled with some absolutely phenomenal musicianship throughout. Through tracks such as ‘The End of the Human Race’, ‘Waiting For Godot’ and ‘On the Run’, musicians such as Anders Engberg, Damnagoras and Roberto Tiranti trade off with the likes of Nina Osegueda and Giorgia Colleluori who allow ‘Lost Horizons’ to swing between the appeal of Thin Lizzy and Rainbow through Magnum and early Def Leppard to the likes of Labyrinth and Elvenking. Furthermore, there is a real accessibility to ‘Lost Horizon’ and don’t be surprised if this album manages to drag in fans from the more melodic spectrum from the likes of Sunstorm and Sweet Oblivion.

                From its very start, ‘Lost Horizons’ is a very entertaining and enjoyable album that has a real replayable quality to it. The songs are well delivered, thoughtful and it’s for a very good cause and definitely worth picking up.

"an entertaining album throughout and it's all for a good cause!"

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