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GWAR – ‘The New Dark Ages’

Slave Pit Inc.
Lordi, Mentors, Carnivore, X-Cops, S.O.D.
Release Date
June 3, 2022
Slave Pit Inc.
Thrash/Heavy Metal

Somewhere out in space orbiting Planet XXX are the Scumdogs of the universe. They have primed themselves and now GWAR are back for the first time since 2017’s ‘The Blood of Gods’ with their latest studio album ‘The New Dark Ages’.

                Anyone who knows GWAR well will know what they are getting here, especially in a post Oderus Urungus world as the Scumdogs continue to blend thrash with heavy metal which feature tongue in cheek lyrics delivered through pure entertainment factor of Beefcake the Mighty, BalSac, the Jaws of Death and Blothar the Berserker. ‘The New Dark Ages’ is therefore no different, there is some very good musicianship and lyrics here that are seen through the likes of ‘Berserker Mode’, ‘Completely Fucked’ and ‘Mother Fucking Liar’ that make ‘The New Dark Ages’ quite singalong. However, is there anything here that really wholesome? This album is enjoyable whilst playing, but there is little memorable beyond that, there isn’t much which makes the listener want to pick up the album immediately and play it again and closing ‘Death Whistle Suite’ clocking in at a mighty 17 minutes over three tracks is a tall order, considering the longest final section of this suite is almost 11 minutes of pseudo industrial bloops and beeps.

                ‘The New Dark Ages’ is what it is, it is another GWAR album; yes, it’s decent enough, it keeps the legacy of the band going but you’re not going to get the full GWAR experience through the speakers, the only way to really experience this band is through the live environment, so grab a ticket and see the Scumdogs in the flesh.

"just like the dark ages, not much to write about"

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