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Adamantis – ‘The Daemon’s Strain’ EP

Cruz Del Sur Music
MorningStarlett, Helion Prime, Judicator, Twisted Tower Dire, Claymoreon, Visigoth
Release Date
June 10, 2022
Cruz Del Sur Music
Heavy/Power Metal

The COVID-19 pandemic was shit for everyone, but in particular, it was shit for bands, never in the history of music has it been harder for bands to continue what they were doing. However, this did not deter them, they rallied, their fans rallied, and bands delivered time and time again. One band who took it by the scruff of the neck was Adamantis who are back for the first time since 2020 with their latest EP ‘The Daemon’s Strain’.

                 The 2020 debut ‘Far Flung Realm’ was superb and thankfully, this ‘The Daemon’s Strain’ picks up exactly where that album left off by delivering another four tracks of pure trad metal laden with enough power metal to allow Adamantis to appeal to wide audience within its boundaries. These four tracks have all the hallmarks and enjoyability of Judicator, Twisted Tower Dire and Claymorean whilst also touching base with MorningStarlett, Rage and Grave Digger as Adamantis blend US power technicality with Teutonic engineering. This does mean that there isn’t anything we haven’t heard before here, ‘The Daemon’s Strain’ is full of galloping rhythms and soaring rhythms delving into the realms of fantasy. However, who cares when it is delivered so well?

                ‘The Daemon’s Strain’ is the sound of a band full of creative energy and demonstrating just what they can do. This EP may only be a stop-gap between albums, but if the content here is anything to go by, then the next Adamantis release is something to anticipate.

"judging by this, the next Adamantis studio album is something to anticipate"

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