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Zarraza’s Top 5

TOP 5 pieces of equipment that every musician must own.

  • The guitar that stays in tune – shouldn’t be expensive, it’s enough already if it stays in tune for most of the time. I prefer Jackson guitars but before that, I use cheap guitars and it was OK.
  • Any distortion – literally. I bought Metal zone recently – it’s cheap and good enough (if not perfect!) to get extreme tone.
  • Any amp with 412 cabinet. It just gives you a more powerful sound – I believe the notes are melting when you play louder! It gives a new dimension to your riffs!
  • Any audio hardware interface loaded with sound collections. Personally, I use Line 6 hardware. It’s so easy to record a demo these days with this hardware!
  • There is a saying: the most important thing for great guitar sound is a spacer between the guitar and guitar strap. It is you who define your sounds, your hands, and your creativity.

TOP 5 pieces of advice NOT to follow, to make it in the music industry.

  • “Find yourself a label first!” – actually you can do all the work that small labels do by yourself and you can do it better! “Don’t be eager for opening slots for bigger bands – it gives you nothing!” – no, it gives you experience at least! To see big bands on the stage is great – the way they communicate with each other and work with the equipment is very useful. “You have to pay to play as a support act or to be on a festival slot” – yes, this is an option but you can go different routes in your career and be happy. We never did it. There is an exception I think – for example when you pay for a tour bus, equipment rent, etc. I just believe it just not pay to play scheme. «You should be drunk or under influence to create great music». Actually, I know nothing about this way of creating music and all the songs I wrote have been created sober. “Your music is obsolete” – I believe there is no old or new music. There are music people like or not and that’s all. Just concentrate on the strongest sides of your songs! Give it a listen as a stranger in an attempt to make them more catchy and impressive.

TOP 5 clicks on your playlist. What are you currently listening to, on repeat?

  • Right now it’s Canadians Besieged with their new album «Violence beyond all Reason”. I’m in love with their previous thrash banger “Victims Beyond All Help”. It took them 10 years to write and record the new album and I’m happy! Other songs I used to play on repeat is «War Ensemble» by SLAYER, «United» by DECAPITATED, «Combustion» by MESHUGGAH, and «1741» by ALESTORM (my guilty pleasure).

TOP 5 adventures you’ve been on with the band.

  • We ran from the police. We have been on the road to another city on the tour when the driver broke some rules and the police tried to stop him. He choose to run and in less than half an hour we found ourselves in the police department, divided and almost arrested. Luckily we were free after two hours and proceeds to the show. The driver was fined of course.
  • Second story – police have been trying to stop our open-air show in Shymkent – it started too late. A promoter have been very brave and didn’t let them to interrupt the show for 15 minutes so we can finish the set.
  • Third: we have been shouting two videos in one day in the mountains at 0 C temperature. We were in ripped jeans and t-shirts… It took about 7 hours to finish all the work and I realized how I got sick and got a fever only when I came home.
  • Fourth is not adventure but… Just the experience – we have been one of the support bands for SEPULTURA and after the show, these Brazilians share their food with us! We were sitting in our room exhausted and suddenly the door opened and there was Derrick Green and Eloy Casagrande with plates full of food! It was amazing to see the human side of our idols.
  • And next… We have been coming home from the show with SEPULTURA on two buses – the band and more than 30 drunk metalheads. We were drinking all the way, screaming, yelling… Few guys start fighting then stop. Start again and stop… The drivers never dealt with metalheads and never had an experience like this! They were stressed and angry even an each other so finally, when we arrived at the destination point they starts a fight! Just a few seconds after the buses stop they were grabbing each other by the throat and screaming! I guess one of them have some technical problem during the trip and the other declined to help in an attempt to finish this crazy travel ASAP at any price… We unloaded our gear and withing them fighting… It makes me laugh again even now as I wrote the story…

TOP 5 ways in which your band is awesome

– Probably we are the most headbanging band in our city. Maybe in the country! And we’re loudest too! We can be annoying in advertising our gigs haha! And we’re stubborn metalheads – you can discuss any genre with us and find yourself discussing CANNIBAL CORPSE finally. Our bass player Ilya Morozov and drummer Stas Nassalskiy don’t drink alcohol at all so you can buy just a couple of drinks for guitarists (for me and Dan) and claim you paid for the whole ZARRAZA, haha!

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