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Baleful95 | What is going on in Greg Scott’s head

Baleful95 (a.k.a Greg Scott) is a culmination of past projects, genres and influences that have inspired me over the years. It’s a raw experience tapping into what I personally love about music, combining these badges on my sleeve with my long-standing health issues as a tangible means to face my mental health.

Grief, my debut on MUZAI Records, is the expression of my troubles.

Short, aggressive fits of what the label describe as “blackened hardcore punk” across six tracks reveal the mental gymnastics that I puts himself through; dark weights upon the mind that terrify not only me, but I am sure other people in a similar situation.

It’s an almost tangible means of dealing with those struggles. Grief allowed me to come face to face with the anxiety I’ve held for over a decade.

The first single demonstrates this quite accurately;  “Why Are You So Vicious” encapsulates how I feel towards my severe OCD diagnosis.

It taunts me, each day, and ridicules me. I wrote the song to express my utter hatred for this mental affliction, as it rules my day to day living.”

I needed the release and the catharsis to be made into one track, so that the listener could experience it with me in a few minutes.

The pounding nature of it and the tense atmosphere, rhythmic in nature as it beats inside my head, and on the track itself”.

It was a bit scary writing the track as I had to delve into my mind, as I often try to distract myself from it, but I really think it was worth it in the end, and I’m happy with the result.


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