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Nekkromaniac – ‘Plague Eater’ (Vinyl Reissue)

Gates of Hell Records
Blooddust, Necrophobic, Desaster, Nocturnal
Release Date
June 10, 2022
Gates of Hell Records
Black/Thrash Metal

When black/thrash is done well, it is an unstoppable force of sheer power and one band which delivered an absolute storming album in 2021 was Nekkromaniac with their ‘Plague Eater’ debut release. This year has ‘Plague Eater’ being reissued by Gates of Hell Records as a limited-edition vinyl edition.

                For those of us who like to collect vinyl as our medium of choice, then to be able to own ‘Plague Eater’ on vinyl is a temptation all of itself and what the listener gets here is a limited-edition black vinyl, complete with insert as well as a download code, for if you want to listen to ‘Plague Eater’ on the go. However, this is literally a bog-standard reissue and unless vinyl is your preferred medium to go to, there isn’t any other incentive to purchase it.

                That aside, this is an excellent album and well deserving of a vinyl reissue. This was an album which set the bar massively high for Nekkromaniac and any vinyl enthusiast of black/thrash should check this Gates of Hell reissue.

"an excellent album and well deserving of a vinyl reissue"

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