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Dragged Under – ‘Upright Animals’

Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group
Beartooth, The Used, A Day to Remember, You Me At Six, All Time Low, Frank Turner
Release Date
June 10, 2022
Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group
Alternative Rock/Post-Hardcore

Seattle is a city famous for its music and coffee. The north-western seaport has never shied away from its working-class punk rock roots with one of their most recent exports being Dragged Under. After delivering ‘The World is in Your Way’, their stunning debut album in 2020, Dragged Under are back with their follow up ‘Upright Animals’.

                 With a debut album like that, you might be fooled into thinking that ‘Upright Animals’ may suffer from that ‘difficult second album’ syndrome. But you’d be wrong. Massively. ‘Upright Animals’ takes everything in its stride, it shows Dragged Under ploughing forward with their contemporary modern alternative rock/punk sound designed to be belted out in large arenas worldwide. Every song here has been carefully crafted to be accessible to fans of the genre, playing on repeat on rock radio stations or television with a wide-ranging appeal to both the young and older generations. Tracks such as ‘All of Us’, ‘Brainwash Broadcast’ and the title track have all the anthemic likeability of Beartooth, The Used and A Day to Remember whilst also touching base with You Me At Six, All Time Low and even Frank Turner at times.

                Dragged Under are a band that are going places. ‘Upright Animals’ consolidates their sound, and it wouldn’t be surprising at all if the Seattle band are everywhere within the next few years, so get it whilst its hot.

"Dragged Under are a band that are going places"

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