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Doodswens – ‘Lichtvrees’

Svart Records
Møl, Cairiss, Coldcell, Gaerea
Release Date
Svart Records
Black Metal

Glitchy, scratchy and shrieky, tainted with a voluminous resonance and capacious timbre, Doodswens have conjured up their sorrowful yet malicious masterpiece ‘Lichtvrees’. The contrast of slow, melodic, doom-laden sections, which transpire into intense, fast sub divisional black metal passages accumulate into a mighty, powerful atmospheric black metal vibe.

Gallant riffs embedded with valour and perseverance, this album endows you the feeling of invincibility and yet complete vulnerability. With expansive black metal shrieks, atmospheric noise sections (to enforce a sense of disorientation), emotive, spooky chord progressions, a somewhat lo-fi but very kvlt guitar tone, an impactful drum sound and even the possibility of the existence of a bass guitar. What more could you want from the darker and atmospheric side of metal?

With the ambience of a million misty vortexes swirling in the stratosphere, and the rage of a thermo-nuclear reactor operating a maximum capacity, this is an album you’ll want to turn the fuck up. It is difficult to convey the mind-bending mix of emotions given by ‘Lichtvrees’, however it is clear that Doodswens should be very fulfilled by their accomplishment. The only aspect holding this album back is the slight sloppiness in one or two of the blastbeats and double kick parts, although this simply could be considered unedited or ‘raw’.

It is important to note, this album deserves the finest and most intensive listening experience, to absorb its full beauty and decrepity equally.

"The Netherlands' Doodswens unshackle apocalyptic LP 'Lichtvrees'"

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