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Killswitch Engage – ‘Live at the Palladium’

Metal Blade Records
Light the Torch, As I Lay Dying, All That Remains, Shadows Fall
Release Date
June 3, 2022
Metal Blade Records

                Who would have thought that it has been just over twenty years since Killswitch Engage first graced out speakers? Last year, in the middle of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Killswitch delivered their ‘Vaccinated and Intoxicated’ livestream event and now this year has the band releasing this event as ‘Live at the Palladium’.

                What the listener gets here is Killswitch hammering out live versions of 2019’s ‘Atonement’ and 2000’s self-titled album as Jesse Leach rasps his way through 20 tracks of pure Killswitch power backed up by the guitars of Joel Stroetzel and the ever-present Adam Dutkiewicz. Never so much with studio albums, but in live performances, Dutkiewicz can often be overbearing and at times during this live show, Dutkiewicz does jump the gun with the backing vocals often out of sync. However, this is can easily be forgiven as Dutkiewicz delivers some excellent harmonised melodies with Leach. When it comes the content, Killswitch have always worn their emotional heart on the sleeve and here, these two albums deliver emotionally fraught yet empowering lyrics which serve to remind us that no matter dark things get, there will always be music to guide us.

                It is very strange to listen to a live album with no audience or crowd interaction and what Killswitch serve up with ‘Live…’ is basically a glorified rehearsal session or conversely it is an intimate show performed directly and just for them. That is for you to decide which side you fall on.

"an intimate performance with no crowd"

Come on in!

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