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Heavy Metal Therapy | Self-care is like a Favourite Album

You know you have a favourite or several favourite older albums (and it’s OK if it’s one or more because you can’t choose and it’s really OK if they’re what you’d class as your ‘guilty pleasure’ because there is no judgement here!  That album(s) is comforting, familiar, you know all the words and you can just be with it for a while but you’re not sure how others would react if they saw you listening to it, and this is what self-care is like.

It might be that you think of self-care as just pampering (face masks etc) and that is not something you’d be into and that’s OK (like I said – no judgement here) but self-care can be anything! You might be under the impression that taking time out for yourself is selfish, that if you do take it then this is a source of guilt or that you don’t have much time to spare. Selfcare can be making a coffee and just having 5 minutes with it and not doing anything else. Selfcare can be sitting in the car and having 5 minutes between leaving work and the next thing and listening to a favourite track.

You might think that others will judge you for being into something that you find comforting or if they saw you doing it they’d laugh at your choice but really if it is meaningful, relaxing, gives you a recharge and allows you to deal with stressors or gives you a distraction from them for a while then would they laugh or even if they would – would it even matter?

Ultimately whatever activity you find relaxing, recharging, etc can be self-care and you shouldn’t feel guilty about that.

Metal Digest is hosting a Mental Health Focus column with Heavy Metal Therapy.

Our goal and aspiration is to post our stories, educate, share resources, encourage our readers to talk about mental health, and most importantly create a community bound with the sounds of heavy metal, so that we are all, less alone.

We will keep the conversation going and we will be sharing interviews, playlists, articles and resources so stay tuned for more!

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