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Manowar – ‘Battle Hymns’

Release Date
Liberty Records
Heavy Metal

This morning in the Metal Digest office, we’re digging out our loincloths, broadswords, shark tooth necklaces and oiling ourselves up because we’re blasting out ‘Battle Hymns’, the 1982 debut album from Manowar. ‘Battle Hymns’ was one of the albums which helped set the ball rolling for what would later become power metal. ‘Battle Hymns’ perfectly laid one of the foundations stones down through tracks such as ‘Death Tone’, ‘Dark Avenger’ and ‘Battle Hymn’, particularly the latter two tracks, the former with its Orson Welles narration and the latter with its Spartan hold the line victory march which inspired many musicians to take the oath themselves and worship at the altar of Manowar. So this morning, dig out your copy and crank the volume up to ten because at midnight, we ride, ten thousand of us, side by side!

Come on in!

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