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Detest – ‘We Will Get What We Deserve’

Emanzipation Records
Bloodbath, Autopsy, Cannibal Corpse
Release Date
Emanzipation Records
Death Metal

Grinding endlessly, fiercely pummeling riffs and hammering percussion into your spirit at 666 rpm, Detest aren’t messing around. Back from the grave with a vengeance, and an off-beat extreme hindsight, from the 90s era. It’s evident these guys know their shit, with enough riffs to open a large riff store on the Danish coast, Detest have amalgamated their experience into a ruthlessly unforgiving death metal album: ‘We Will Get What We Deserve’.

The Production is one of the most impressive aspects of this album, as it is clean and precise, detailing each instrument independently and flawlessly. The percussion, guitar, bass and vocals are sonically crisp, as if you can taste the sharpness in the sound. Perhaps they detest lo-fi production? Needless to say, the ride cymbal tone alone is enough to make you rethink your production abilities. Musically, ‘We Will Get What We Deserve’ emulates something similar to mid era Bloodbath, but with more tonally consistent vocals. There’s no funny genre-crossing or blending here, just solid and reliable death metal, as it comes. Blastbeats, double kicks, low guttural growls, bouncy distorted bass and mostly dissonant or diminished lead guitar parts layer over the chromatic rhythm guitar riffs.

The only aspects of ‘We Will Get What We Deserve’ that detract from its commendability are the vocal tone and the name of the album. ‘We Will Get What We Deserve’ does not roll off the tongue easily, and could have been quantified linguistically to represent the theme of the album (atonement for their previous lifestyle in the Scandinavian metal scene) more effectively. The vocal tone feels a little thin and underdeveloped, as if the vocalist had not unlocked so many overtones within their scream. Additionally, the screams are monotonous, there is little to no variation in their tone. Although it could be argued that this is intentional or stylistic, it feels a little stale after the fourth or fifth song, and as if more could have been done with the album vocally.

"Denmark's extreme veterans Detest release new album 'We Will Get What We Deserve'"

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