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Never Say Goodbye: Alec John Such (1951-2021)

                When we were younger, we never had to think about our rock stars getting old or when they would retire or pass away, that was something that happened to those who died tragically young, whether by misadventure or circumstances beyond their control which still resonate today. Yet, when I received the news late yesterday evening that Alec John Such, the former bass player of Bon Jovi had died, it left a strange feeling that we are reaching an age where those that once adorned out bedroom walls are finite, and they aren’t going to be around forever.

                Instead of delivering a biography of Alec John Such’s life and discography, I thought that I would share a few memories that helped shaped my teenage years. Bon Jovi was always a band which was played when I was growing up; I’m pretty sure ‘New Jersey’ and ‘Slippery When Wet’ lived permanently in the house stereo system, so you know, those track listings are seared into my brain forever. Thanks Mum. Full disclosure, for a while, Bon Jovi were one of my favourite bands, I had my six-string, my cowboy hat and boots to prove it… thankfully this was a time before camera phones.

                Yet, it was never really ‘Slippery When Wet’ or ‘New Jersey’ which spoke to me, sure they’re full of anthems, memorable songs with whoa whoa whoa choruses with Desmond Child all over them like arse rash. It was those early Bon Jovi albums which had me, the self-titled debut album and ‘7800o Fahrenheit’, that’s when they were truly a band, before the corporate elite got their claws in and the backbone to all that was Alec John Such. Yeah, like Tico Torres, he was a little older than Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora and David Bryan, but that didn’t deter him from laying down some good bass grooves. To this day, tracks such as ‘King of the Mountain’, ‘Roulette’, ‘The Price of Love’ and ‘Come Back’ make me want to get the air guitar out and dance around the room like a teenager again and that’s not even taking into account the likes of ‘Shot Through the Heart’ and ‘In & Out of Love’. Good times. Right at the core of those tracks was Such, it was his backbone that provided the rigidity to Bon Jovi that they have arguably been missing since Such left in 1994.

If Torres makes Bon Jovi rock, then it was Such who made it roll and the world will be a much quieter place without it. However, Such is still with us, a blood on blood bond which remains, dig out any of those six Jovi albums with Such playing and that bass rattles out whether it’s the famous bassline of ‘Keep the Faith’, the anthemic ‘You Give Love a Bad Name’, the epic ‘Dry County’ or the deeper cuts of ’99 in the Shade’, ‘Tokyo Road’ or ‘Get Ready’, they’ll always hum to bass of Such and that is something which death cannot take away.

Our condolences at Metal Digest go out to the Such family and members of Bon Jovi both past and present

Rest in Peace

Alec John Such (1951-2021)

Come on in!

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