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Glasya – ‘Attarghan’

Scarlet Records
Nightwish, Epica, Shield of Wings, Astralium, Xandria, Deep Sun
Release Date
Scarlet Records
Symphonic Metal

Glasya aims to create a soundtrack feel, and here they definitely deliver, as this album could easily be the background of an epic fantasy film or game. The first, and title track, isn’t a song, but a spoken introduction to the meaning behind ‘Attarghan’, setting the scene for the story which unfolds throughout the rest of the album.

It can’t really be listened to on shuffle, as then it wouldn’t make any sense, as almost all of the tracks have a spoken element at the end, and none really feel like they work as standalones.  There is, unfortunately, a ‘samey’ feel to a lot of them, and at fifteen songs long and a runtime of just over an hour, it is a little exhausting by the end. About halfway through, ‘Queen’s Temptation’ is more speaking which adds to the story; however, it feels like unnecessary filler. This could have been incorporated into lyrics rather than almost four extra minutes of talking.

The listener has to truly be invested in the story to get the most out of this album, otherwise they may check out about halfway through. That being said, the production value is high quality and compliments the powerful vocals and intricate melodies well. This album probably makes an impressive live performance, something like this feels as though it definitely needs a visual element to enhance the listener’s interest.

"overly long, but coupled with a high quality production which compliments the powerful vocals and intricate melodies"

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