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Jorn – ‘Spirit Black’

Release Date
Frontiers Records
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

This morning in the Metal Digest office we’re digging into the back catalogue of Jørn Lande and blasting out the 2009 album ‘Spirit Black’. With this album, Jorn continued on from the heavy sound of the previous years ‘Lonely Are the Brave’ whilst adding the hard rock sensibilities of ‘The Duke’ and whilst ‘Spirit Black’ remains quite an overlooked album in the Jorn catalogue, it is a very solid offering with tracks such as ‘Rock n’ Roll Angel’, ‘Road of the Cross’ and the title track having all the enjoyability of Dio. Furthermore, there’s even the obligatory Jorn cover track here as the Norwegian lends his hand to ‘I Walk Alone’ by Tarja whilst expanded editions feature a superb version of Thin Lizzy’s ‘The Sun Goes Down’. So this morning, whack out this album and crank the volume up loud, wake the neighbours and just tell them you’re trying to find a rock n’ roll angel.

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