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Demon – ‘Night of the Demon’

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This afternoon in the Metal Digest office we’re blasting out ‘Night of the Demon’, the 1981 debut album from cult NWOBHM legends Demon. With this album, Demon landed themselves on the NWOBHM map, coupled with an album iconic album cover of hands clawing from grave and around its stone ‘Night of the Demon’ melded NWOBHM power with an undertone of progressive rock which gave the band a little bit of something else. This wasn’t just balls to the wall heavy metal, ‘Night of the Demon’ was thought out NWOBHM that the band would really begin to explore in subsequent releases. What Demon presented with ‘Night of the Demon’ was an album which showed Demon were capable of writing anthemic songs which were joined by memorable hooks which implored the listener to play it again and again. So this afternoon, crank up the volume and give yourself one helluva afternoon!

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