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Motörhead – ‘Another Perfect Day’

Release Date
Bronze Records
Heavy Metal

This afternoon in the Metal Digest office, we’re blasting out ‘Another Perfect Day’, the 1983 watershed album from Motörhead. Following the departure of Fast Eddie Clarke on the ‘Iron Fist’ tour, ex-Thin Lizzy wild man guitarist Brian Robertson was brought in to not only finish the tour but also to join Motörhead on their next studio album ‘Another Perfect Day’. At the time of release, it was met a little bit of head scratching as Motörhead had an element of melody added into it through Robertson’s guitar playing with tracks such as ‘Shine’, ‘I Got Mine’ and ‘Rock It’ with its piano blues adding a little bit of glamour to Motörhead’s dirty rock n’ roll. However, time has been kind of ‘Another Perfect Day’ and many Motörhead fans now regard it amongst some of their favourite releases by the band. Although, it wouldn’t last, Robertson turned out to be too fiery, even for Motörhead and was replaced Phil Campbell and Würzel and the rest they say, is history. So this afternoon, dig out your copy of ‘Another Perfect Day’, and get your best long sleeved jacket out because we’re going back to the funny farm.

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