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Entombed – ‘Left Hand Path’

Release Date
Earache/Combat Records
Death Metal

This morning in the Metal Digest office, we’re making the neighbourhood shake on the Richter Scale because we’re blasting out ‘Left Hand Path’, the 1990 debut album from the legendary Entombed. The late 80’s death metal scene may have well belonged to the USA, but by the turn of the new decade, Sweden had challenged them for the leadership and ‘Left Hand Path’ brought a brutal chainsaw sound the cut its way through the speakers to deliver the tone that we now all know and love about Swedish death metal. It is therefore no surprise that ‘Left Hand Path’ has become one of the most heavily regarded and influential death metal albums of all time with many bands stepping forth and imitating that buzzing tone to this very day. So this morning, dig out your copy of ‘Left Hand Path’, crank the volume up and revel in flesh!

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